There is probably nothing very romantic about discussing a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage. Often this is a very difficult subject to initiate. Deciding whether a pre-nup is right for you and your future spouse is a very personal decision and situations are unique. In discussing a pre-nup, spouses should focus on joint interests rather than their own particular needs, which will usually result in much more engaging conversations.

A prenuptial agreement is not about distrust, control or impending failure of the marriage, rather it is about planning and protecting finances for both parties.

Pre-nuptial agreements are not only necessary for only the rich and famous to protect their assets. Today many engaged couples consider a pre-nuptial before getting married. There are many reasons that a pre-nuptial is advisable, including a better and more predictable financial situation, protection of assets and in some circumstances, to help look out for children. Financial discussions with soon to be spouses can often be difficult and talking about how assets should be handled in case of divorce during what is supposedly a romantic time is awkward and therefore often not pursued.

If a couple does choose to plan for the future with a prenuptial agreement, each side should retain his or her own legal counsel. This insures that both sides are fairly represented in the financial agreement. Making the effort to create a prenuptial agreement can be beneficial for multiple reasons. In addition to potentially simplifying a divorce, it is also a way for a couple to have financial stability and not worry about what would happen in the event of a divorce. It helps couples plan financially prior to their marriage which often serves to create more security.