“Gary, THANK YOU! I have been praying for this… There are not enough words to express my feelings towards you and everything you’ve done. My friend and the best damn attorney I know…  this is overwhelming, the truth is the best darn news I’ve ever received.

You are a credit to your profession and simply put a “Damn Good Divorce Lawyer.

C.V. client

“There are not enough words to express my feelings towards you and everything you’ve done. God bless.”

C.V., Client

“You probably don’t remember us, but having you help us was the best thing we ever did. I keep your card in my wallet for peace of mind.”

J.S., Client

“I have known Gary Gottesfeld for 25 years, both professionally and personally. We have been on opposing sides on numerous cases. He has, over the last ten years, been a resource for me and has testified as an expert witness on behalf of my clients. He is well regarded by his peers, judges and court staff. He is always courteous, prepared, honest and a respected member of the legal community. I would unequivocally recommend him.”

Denver Attorney

“Thank you. God bless you for being such a kind human being… I really appreciate all of your help. You have helped me through the most difficult thing I have ever gone through in life. And I’ve been in the Marines.”

J.W., Client

“Gary has represented me for a number of years on a variety of issues. I am extremely grateful for his counsel and invaluable insights. He is not only an excellent and knowledgeable attorney, but also extremely concerned and committed. While he has received the highest ratings from other attorneys and judges, I believe the most valuable asset is the way he works together with me to provide understanding and reassurance. I have also introduced Gary to a friend of mine who is also an attorney. He refers Gary to his clients.”

S.P., Client

“Gary Gottesfeld has been my attorney for over 20 years, both for my corporation and for personal matters. Everything has been handled successfully and I have been tremendously satisfied with his work. Gary continues to represent me and I am very grateful to have his ongoing assistance.”

A.S., Client
Gary Gottesfeld