Colorado Mediation and Arbitration

Over ninety percent of lawsuits settle.   Mediation can often result of a settlement of a legal dispute at the earlier stages of a lawsuit rather than before trial after much money and time has been expended.

In mediation practice, a neutral intermediary – the mediator – assists the parties to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement of their disputes. After settlement is reached, it can be recorded as finding and binding as an enforceable contract.

While mediation is efficient and cost-effective, it can also achieve collaboration and a sense of cooperation as well as resulting in substantial cost and time savings as well as avoidance of additional conflict between the parties.

Gary Gottesfeld does both mediation and arbitration and works with individuals and businesses who seek a collaborative, less antagonistic and less expensive way to resolve their conflict. He brings a creative, calm, pragmatic, proactive and insightful approach to mediation and arbitration.

Gary Gottesfeld who has been a practicing attorney since 1978 recognizes the tremendous benefits of resolving cases on a non-adversarial basis and with his expertise he can assist parties in achieving positive outcomes and a mutually beneficial settlement.

Although a skilled trial attorney for over 30 years, Mr. Gottesfeld firmly believes that the best approach to a conflict is mutual resolution when possible to avoid entrapment in an expensive and time consuming legal maze. Mr. Gottesfeld believes that parties and businesses are best served when alternatives to litigation are pursued.

Cost savings is certainly not the paramount reason for electing to pursue mediation and arbitration. Nevertheless, there are tremendous cost benefits associated with the mediation process which are often a fraction of those of the costs of contested matters with attorneys. Fees for mediation are billed on an hourly basis and no retainers are required.

Before pursuing litigation, Mr. Gottesfeld will help to foster settlements, encourage participants to act in their own enlightened self-interest and avoid expensive and time consuming litigation.

Contact Gary Gottesfeld today to discuss your mediation or arbitration matter. A free consultation is offered to all new clients. Mr. Gottesfeld can be reached at 303-892-7000 or via email below to schedule an appointment.