Litigation Lawyer

When parties are unable to resolve disputes out of Court, litigation is often their only option. Gary Gottesfeld has a long-standing reputation as a successful litigator representing individuals, families and businesses in a variety of litigation matters. He is capable of handling even the most complex litigation in both state and federal Courts.

Mr. Gottesfeld is known for masterful handling of litigation matters and has a reputation for success in legal matters requiring sophisticated trial skills, expert research and comprehensive analysis of strategies and implementation.

There is probably no greater endorsement of Mr. Gottesfeld as a skilled litigation lawyer than the fact that law firms not only refer litigation cases to him but actually have hired Mr. Gottesfeld for their own cases.

Since 1978, Gary Gottesfeld has enjoyed not only a reputation as a tenacious and skillful litigator, but also as a highly experienced and effective advocate in negotiation and mediation to attempt resolution of cases without the necessity of proceeding to trial.

Second Legal Opinions and Fee Disputes

Mr. Gottesfeld provides knowledge and reliable second legal opinions to evaluate and provide his opinion on a matter in which you or your present counsel are handling a dispute or lawsuit and to provide advice and suggestions on tactics, implementation, strategy and issues.

Mr. Gottesfeld’s litigation practice is dedicated to helping clients resolve disputes effectively and efficiently and is well equipped to do battle in the courtroom when necessary. He is also effective in the arts of counseling and negotiation and strives to understand the client’s priorities and goals and to achieve them cost effectively, creatively and professionally.

Contact Gary Gottesfeld today to discuss the litigation process. A free consultation is offered to all new clients. Mr. Gottesfeld can be reached at 303-892-7000 or via email below to schedule an appointment.