High Net Worth Divorce

Colorado High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

Aggressive, high quality representation for high asset – complex divorces in Colorado.

The division of marital property in high asset divorce cases can be extremely complicated. Colorado is an “equitable division” state which means that property is not necessarily divided equally between the parties, but rather it is apportioned on a fair or equitable basis. Often in high net worth cases, just as in divorce cases in general, one or both parties will experience a significant change in lifestyle during and after the divorce. To help reduce the impact, the challenge for the “out-spouse” (the spouse who does not have knowledge about the parties’ finances and access to financial documents), is to be able to intelligently analyze financial holdings. This will usually involve a multifaceted approach usually including the assistance of a forensic accountant.

Often high asset cases include:

  • Large investment accounts
  • Retirement funds, 401(k), ESOP
  • Business valuation
  • Professional practice valuation including medical and legal
  • Tracing of assets
  • Trusts
  • Interest in partnerships
  • Investment companies
  • Business and practices
  • Tax issues and implications
  • Fiduciary duty
  • Closely held businesses
  • Hidden assets and unreported income

Mr. Gottesfeld consults with business owners, business executives, and professionals including doctors and attorneys and other high net worth individuals. He has also represented many spouses of high income individuals who need sophisticated representation to ensure that they are treated fairly in divorce and the division of marital assets. Mr. Gottesfeld is attuned to the special considerations of his high net worth clientele.

He also understands that confidentiality is a primary concern, especially with regard to income, assets, financial support and other matters.

Mr. Gottesfeld draws upon a wide network of professionals including appraisers, business valuation specialists, forensic accountants and other experts to assist in obtaining favorable results for his clients.

In the courtroom or in negotiation, Mr. Gottesfeld brings experience in analyzing financial statements, obtaining useful expert’s reports and cross-examining financial experts. One of the many challenges is to correctly identify the value of assets and cash flow which requires an understanding of accounting and well as legal principles. First, divorce counsel needs to know where to look and what to look for and once documents have been obtained and analyzed, important strategic decisions need to be made.

Legal needs for a high asset case particularly require individualized expertise across several disciplines including commercial litigation, corporate and partnership law, forensic accounting and valuations. Mr. Gottesfeld has successfully tried hundreds of cases and settled hundreds more with success. He not only has the highest professional rating in skills and ethics, but the ability to blend a broad range of skills and experience with judgment and perspective in order to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients who will have to live with the results for many years.

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