Colorado Collaborative Law

Collaborative law endeavors to resolve cases by seeking to empower individuals to focus on fairly settling cases with their spouse and to avoid litigation and court. Collaborative law enables spouses to work with their lawyers and other professionals to achieve settlement without the underlying threat of contested litigation. The goal is for everyone involved in the process to strive for an equitable solution for both spouses. Lawyers for both parties agree to assist their respective clients to resolve conflicts by employing cooperative techniques rather than employing adversarial strategies and litigation. All involved should commit themselves to achieving a negotiated outcome. It is further agreed that if a settlement is not achieved, the collaborative lawyers will not be involved in litigation should the matter go to trial.

Specifically, the collaborative process envisions resolving cases in a non-adversarial matter by engaging in communication and negotiations that are constructive and amicable when possible. It is often necessary to obtain the assistance of neutral experts. The collaborative process allows the parties to take control over the outcome of their case and voice opinions that will be given consideration. Settlement of issues is based upon compromise and fair consideration rather than adversarial and confrontational trial tactics. Usually, this process takes less time than litigation and involves far less stress and anxiety. Generally, the process takes place prior to the initiation of a divorce case and once an agreement is reached, the divorce case is initiated and the settlement agreement tendered to the Court for approval.

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