Child Custody and Visitation Rights

In Colorado, child custody and visitation rights now fall into the category which is now referred to as allocation of parental responsibilities.  Allocation of parental responsibility generally encompassing two aspects.  The first is parental decision making (for major decisions) and the second involves the allocation of parenting time between the two parents.

When possible, the parties should endeavor to agree upon both parenting time and decision making.  Some of the most contentious areas of family law and divorce can center around issues concerning children.  As a family law attorney with more than three decades of experience, Gary Gottesfeld has seen first hand the kind of devastation and heartache when parenting time and decision making battles turn ugly.  Often, disputes cannot be avoided, but it is important to have experienced professional counsel to avoid these battles when possible and to pursue them vigorously and aggressively when necessary.

Ultimately the majority of families are able to negotiate custody and access arrangements without the assistance of outside intervention from the courts, mental health professionals or court based programs. However approximately ten to thirty percent of cases involve high conflict relationships often resulting in very strained parent-child relationships. This has often led to the emergence of supervised visits and exchange programs to intervene in these high-conflict situations and a growing emphasis in responding to the consequences of ongoing exposure to parental conflict experienced by children.

Approach to Child Custody

When helping clients resolve child custody matters, Gary strives to keep them out of the litigation arena when possible. Regardless how difficult these issues may be to resolve with your child’s other parent, parents know their children and their family better than the court ever can.

By keeping the decision-making process out of the courtroom, parents maintain control over the ultimate resolution by reaching an agreement as to the division between primary custody and visitation. Additionally, this avoids the stress and expense of litigation.

However, Gary realizes that this is not always possible. Sometimes, litigation is the only way to reach a resolution. Throughout his 40 years of experience, Gary has routinely appeared in court and is prepared to take any case vigorously and aggressively to trial if necessary.

Experienced Lawyer Resolving Your Child Custody Concerns

Establishing a child custody agreement that everyone finds reasonable can be one of the most difficult elements of resolving a divorce or parental separation. Gary has been helping people resolve these issues for over 35 years. Contact Gary Gottesfeld today to discuss your child custody and visitation issue.  A free consultation is offered to all new clients.  Gary can be reached at 303-892-7000 or via email below to schedule an appointment.