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As a Family Law Attorney for over 40 years, I have learned that the end of a marriage can often be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life and how stressful the legal process can be.  When involving the legal system in your most intimate familial relations, tensions can be elevated, the future is uncertain and emotions high. That’s why I devote unmatched time, energy and research to each client as if it were my only case. When possible, I try to take cases out of the litigation arena in those situations in which the parties are able to resolve their case through mutual agreement.  With over 40 years of experience as a Denver Divorce lawyer, I work to amicably resolve matters with both parties to any dispute  through skilled negotiation, developing innovative and creative resolutions .When divorce proceeds to trial, there really are no winners, it is a matter of who loses the most.  In divorce matters, a number of legal strategies can be utilized to achieve desired results.  When settlement is possible, it ensures that you are making the important decisions rather than relying on a judge’s decision. You know your family better; you are better equipped to make these decisions. Additionally, a decision reached outside of the courtroom is frequently faster, less expensive and less disruptive.   I’ll endeavor to bring to each case innovative, diligent and creative expertise to resolve issues to obtain the best results either in settlement or at trial.

Assertive Litigator to Protect Your Rights – Of course, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. When litigation is the only way to resolve your family law and divorce issues, you can rest assured that your case will be handled skillfully. With over 40 years experience in practicing before various court as a Family Law Attorney Denver,  I know that when cases proceed to trial, an assertive and tenacious trial lawyer is required to effectively represent you in the courtroom and to protect your rights.  In this regard I have been ranked as one of the best lawyers in Denver and will do my utmost to achieve favorable results for you.

Often, of most importance to some of my clients is the well-being of their children.  Regardless of the circumstances, I understand the paramount importance of advocating for their children’s best interests and favorably resolving issues concerning allocation of parental responsibilities, child custody and parenting time disputes.

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